Zibi is so much more than condos.

Zibi will be a community where diverse people live, work, and play. There will be condos, parks, offices, waterfront, and stores. Zibi will be a community that embraces and celebrates this great Ottawa/Kichissippi River, and tells the stories of those who travelled, traded and lived along it. Over a quarter of the Zibi site will be dedicated to waterfront parks and open spaces, restoring access to the Ottawa River, and views to the Chaudière Falls for the first time in 200 years. Zibi will be one of the world’s most environmentally and socially sustainable communities. It will honour the voice and heart of the Algonquin people, restore the land, clean the river and give back public access to the waterfront.


Canadian development companies need a model for collaboration with First Nations.

Our vision is a new partnership with First Nations peoples that directly and tangibly benefits the Algonquin Anishinabe community, and the community as a whole.

We have an opportunity to create a new partnership with the Algonquin Nation(s) and other First Nations that acts as a spark and a learning for how different cultures with conflicted pasts can come together and inspire others — creating a new model of engagement for our youth that we will be proud of.

Together we can rise above the whole picture of challenges and transform them into opportunities. We can realize a more productive and positive path where energies and resources are rightfully directed towards working in friendship and accomplishing greater successes as a result.

Imagine this development as a catalyst for the Algonquin Anishinabe culture, heritage and presence to once again be felt in the heart of the National Capital Region.


Zibi will decontaminate the lands to make way for community.

Zibi’s plans include remediating the acres of industrial lands at a cost of $125 million, and replacing the vacant and abandoned riverfront lot with one of the world’s most sustainable community.


Zibi will be Canada’s first One Planet Community.

Zibi was named the world’s 10th One Planet Community for its ambitious environmental and social sustainability goals.

The One Planet Living program is aimed at creating a network of the earth’s greenest neighbourhoods. The framework is based on ten guiding principles of sustainability. Zibi has set ambitious goals for each of the ten principles and created innovative strategies to meet them. Some examples include:

  • Meet 100% of building energy needs with renewable power generation by 2020.
  • Design a district energy system that uses renewable energy sources to power the community.
  • Minimize waste generation so that only 2% of the waste generated by the completed development goes to landfill.
  • Explore opportunities for on-site collection of organics for composting and biofuel production.

    Zibi is aligned with Ottawa and Gatineau’s urban densification strategies

    Both cities have identified urban densification as their preferred development strategies, to minimize the environmental strain of city sprawl from building cities out further into green space. Moving people to the core, building up and relying on existing infrastructure are widely recognized Smart Growth strategies and the most sustainable way to develop cities.